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Thursday, September 14

Aki Basho 2017 Honour Tanka Day 3: AMINISHIKI (3-0)

(Harumafuji is like "wait, is this an actual bout?")

shouldn’t yung sumo 
be flexing this strange basho 
of mass injury? 

how does old juryo bastard 
become a sudden story? 

Aminishiki - 
makuuchi sixteen years 
before demotion 

he withdrew from Nagoya 
a year ago, and got dropped 

six bashos he has 
battled his old ass way back 
through the juryo ranks 

(he turns 39 next month, 
oldest ever if top rank) 

fighting up day three 
due to mass fusen, he 
remained undefeated 

old ass Aminishiki, 
Aki basho’s hidden gift? 

(of note as well was 
final bout’s abnormal end - 
sketchy non-matta) 

(Harumafuji assumed 
matta, but bout continued) 

the only yokozuna 
in Aki basho) 

(Harumafuji stopped, but 
Kotoshogiku did not) 

looked confused at ref, who waved 
his official fan) 

(Kotoshogiku remains 
undefeated, and unhurt) 

[this strange basho will 
continue, with or without 
well-known rikishi]

[an unforgiving first week; 
sumo remains raw as fuck] 

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