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Monday, September 18

freestyle sonnet #096: MUNDANE LIFE OF BOREDOM

Quick cheap fast sonnet torn from stream of conscious since 
day is full of mundane (fool Monday) and this work 
I waste my hours (life) with... when I think causes wince 
as hopelessness winches death closer, little perk 

to step through bureaucratic labyrinth heavy 
with devils angling passive aggressions at all 
times. Fact of the matter is I'm shitty Chevy 
Monte Carlo Supersport with less punch than stall, 

sitting on three Daytons and a donut, riding 
with little confidence through realm of leased Benzes. 
I'm minimum payment in maxed out World, sliding 
down actual wealth chart, in shit-tinted lenses, 

being instructed to see myself as success, 
while suffering somewhat relentless mundane duress. 

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