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Thursday, September 14

Aki Basho 2017 Honour Tanka Day 1: URA (1-0)

(Ura walks the line better than Johnson P. Cash)

the squad is mad thin - 
three yokozuna (plus more) 
already withdrawn 

event lacking star power 
necessitates young buck flex 

who shall step the fuck 
up, seize opportunity,
win aki basho? 

enough build-up - Day One was weird; 
one of four yokozunas 

ozekis losing, 
and shit felt like it wasn’t 
entirely complete 

perhaps this will be Ura’s 
chance to shine in lighter field 

his first bout against 
Shodai, young Ura tip-toed 
the edge of failure 

but he did yokozuna 
ballerina gravitas 

dumb American 
me anxiously awaits what 
shall rise to the top 

I, the dumb American, 
who watches youtube sumo 

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