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Sunday, September 17

Aki Basho 2017 Honour Tanka Day 6: ICHINOJO (4-2)

(had too google using Japanese for this clip)

an underwhelming 
basho thus far, though perhaps 
life’s what underwhelms 

boredom and failure demons 
circling, awaiting doomed flesh 

“idle hands are the 
devil’s playground” - biblical 
quote I imagine 

not one for reading bibles, 
was raised firm sensualist 

work is meaningless, 
and home is obligated 
entirely to work 

both hours and money wasted 
chasing unattainable 

foreign digital 
distractions (sumo, football) 
do little to help 

A: what the fuck is the point? 
B: if no point, what to do? 

life is too much like 
this day six Ichinojo - 
Kagayaki bout 

life is like Ichinojo, 
clutching, in fact crushing you 

with relentless grip, 
it weighs against you; you think 
“how do I get free?” 

the weight doesn’t ease enough 
for obvious opening 

finally, you think 
in frustration, “fuck it, I’m 
gonna make my move” 

soon as you do, relentless 
unforgiving life throws you 

lying in a heap 
(yet again), you look up, and 
wonder what the fuck 

there is no answer, no point - 
it is endless (yet, you’re not) 

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