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Saturday, September 23

Aki Basho 2017 Honour Tanka Day 13: KAISEI (8-5)

("Dohyo's edge" starring River Phoenix)

Brazil is known for 
jiu-jitsu, not sumo, but 
along come Kaisei 

previous basho, suffered 
demotion to juryo tier 

but big Brazilian 
got back to makuuchi 
in time for Aki 

day thirteen, he was looking 
to get his kachikoshi 

Ikioi got him 
turned the wrong way, stumbling, and 
it didn’t look good 

Kaisei recovered before 
falling, still at dohyo edge 

Ikioi charged in, 
elimination in mind… 
it didn’t look good 

somehow Kaisei recovered 
again, with slight sideways shift 

as Ikioi hit, 
Kaisei caught him by shoulder, 
carried momentum 

Kaisei’s recovery now 
complete, kachikoshi made 

no return down to 
juryo next month for Kaisei, 
position maintained 

low center of gravity - 
metaphysical level 

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