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Thursday, September 14

Aki Basho 2017 Honour Tanka Day 2: TAKAYASU (1-1)

(Takayasu going for a ride... WHEEE!)

with hurt rikishi 
galore, I thought it might be 
Takayasu’s time 

but day two Tamawashi 
bout was double injury 

earlier in day, 
my man Ura got fucked up, 
hobbled his way back 

but Takayasu against 
Tamawashi fucked both dudes 

Takayasu slid 
back like sled push training drill, 
but tried to hold edge 

Tamawashi pushed further, 
ankle going the wrong way 

contemplate the low 
center of gravity plus 
all that weight carried 

human ankles not designed 
to handle that level strain 

and yet still, Tamawashi 
was able to finish bout 

adrenaline surge 
with final push, and down 
went Takayasu 

down on floor, Takayasu 
showed lack of mobility 

proper post-bout bows, 
but Takayasu could not 
carry his own weight 

down the hanamichi 
came wheelchair/shopping cart thing 

up hanamichi 
they rolled Takayasu, not 
likely to return 

afterwards, Tamawashi 
also hobbled horribly 

he won the extra 
pay envelopes, but also 
looks done for basho 

who the fuck’s gonna be left 
in battle royal basho? 

did yokozuna 
withdrawing establish bad 
energies with gods? 

will the sumo gods reward 
us before two weeks are done? 

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