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Wednesday, September 20

Aki Basho 2017 Honour Tanka Day 9: CHIYOTAIRYU (7-2)

(slo-mo oh no Onosho)

western digital 
commentary on sumo 

adding to self-important 
canon through tanka is too 

my love for sumo 
need not this expression to 
be validated 

my love is perhaps fetish, 
tasting foreign big boy sport 

“I enjoy sumo” 
from sheltered confines trillion 
terabytes away 

an excuse to create gifs, 
practice weak poetic forms 

still though, I ask you 
to regard Yung Onosho, 
this basho’s upstart 

three makuuchi into 
his rapid (college boy) rise 

this basho appeared 
to be potentially his… 


(fifteen bouts broken 
into five-bout trimesters - 

(it takes stubborn solid three - 
connecting the trinity) 

Onosho did not 
look out day nine, and he got 
slapped back down to Earth 

Chiyotairyu palm thrust 
way into my heart (today) 

[full bout if you so desire]

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