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Friday, September 22

Aki Basho 2017 Honour Tanka Day 11: ONOSHO (7-4)

(Onosho rag-dolled for third straight L)

Onosho - after 
eleven days - stood at door 
of strong arrival 

no one since Hakuho went 
kachikoshi first three times 

(a fellow sumo 
enthusiast informed me 
of this on twitter) 

Aki basho seemed like it 
could belong to Onosho 

but eight wins appeared 
more difficult a psychic 
hurdle than he thought 

losses day nine and ten left 
Onosho looking shaken 

Tochiozan was 
his opponent this day - what 
should be easy win 

but Onosho never got 
off the mark, smacked back, stifled 

no forward progress 
after his initial launch, 
young Onosho lost 

pushed out by Tochiozan 
into dohyo-side front row 

Onosho looked back, 
flustered melancholy look - 
psychic weight heavy 

“how to turn this energy 
back to something positive?” 

big boy momentum 
moves in metaphysical 
ways as well as “real” 

Onosho stood in that door, 
but was not ready to cross yet 

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