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Sunday, July 23

Nagoya Basho 2017 Honour Tanka Day 13: HARUMAFUJI (10-3)

(Mongolian freight train)

overshadowed by fellow 
Mongol Hakuho 

now also overshadowed 
by young Kisenosato 

losting luster in crowded 
yokozuna field 

and yet, Harumafuji 
remains consistently great 

started shakily 
in Nagoya, seemed destined 
to withdraw early 

yet heading into final 
weekend, he remains, unfazed 

may not be popular like 

Harumafuji may not 
be the best like Hakuho 

but what he does is 
remain, perhaps Hakuho’s 
second, to this day 

ozeki Goeido 
faces him on day thirteen 

but early hiccup 
aside, Harumufuji 
is unstoppable 

dialed in like freight train, he 
overpowers helpless foe 

all Goeido 
can do is be the car in 
front of bullet train 

Harumafuji destroys 
another weak opponent 

outlasts two yokozuna 
who have gone fusen 

the grizzled Mongol remains - 
no fusen, no fucks given 

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