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Friday, July 21

Nagoya Basho 2017 Honour Tanka Day 7: AOIYAMA (7-0)

("blue mountain" surges forward)

perfect first seven 
bouts Nagoya basho for 
big Aoiyama 

disciple of Kotooshu, 
blue mountain Bulgarian 

never won yusho - 
Kotooshu only won 
one over ten years 

Kotooshu also’s only 
European-born elder 

path of outsider 
is always most difficult; 
it’s worse in sumo 

and yet Japanese themselves 
have lost certain interest 

prosperity meant 
poor country boys with big dreams 
occur less often 

Aoiyama earned fighting 
spirit award first basho 

but that was six years 
in rear view mirror; never 
been close since that point 

he’s been consistent middle 
of the pack maegashira 

at times, he’s flirted 
with bigger success - double 
digit wins three times 

but a perfect first seven? 
this is an aberration 

another win means 
kachikoshi with bouts to 
spare for “blue mountain” 

day seven provided as 
opponent Ichinojo 

this aberration 
is energies synchronized 
in perfect moments 

synchronized energies means 
unusual confidence 

Aoiyama moved 
only forwards this quick bout, 
momentum focused 

blue mountain’s blue mawashi 
gave no chance to be controlled 

Ichinojo could 
do little but slow the force 
moving him backwards 

this force was more than one man - 
energies control all life 

Aoiyama - pale 
by sumo’s traditions, “white” 
in America 

but the big Bulgarian’s 
got his best basho ever 

is this beginning 
of an even bigger run? 
only time will say 

can Aoiyama challenge 
elder Kotooshu’s legend? 

legends are made one 
basho at a time; bashos 
one bout at a time 

a perfect week still leaves wide 
gaps in a man’s destiny 

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