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Sunday, July 23

Nagoya Basho 2017 Honour Tanka Day 14: TAKEKAZE (8-6)

(lololol, classic sumo gifage)

sumo (it appears 
at times) is engineered to 
produce grand drama 

some of Kisenosato’s 
wins appear questionable 

sports entertainment 
principles applied perhaps, 
but not acknowledged 

to achieve desired results 
requires complicit parties 

not everyone, 
necessarily, but key 
participants yes 

who better than an elder 
old school Japanese native? 

thus, mathematics 
allows for Aoiyama 
still has yusho shot 

somehow, on penultimate 
day, he has Takekaze 

he’s makuuchi’s 
elder rikishi, yet not 
near top of standings 

as mid-ranked maegashira, 
Aoiyama draws “equals” 

yet as his record 
in this basho got better, 
where’s the ozeki? 

he is allowed to appear 
dominant to keep the math 

Aoiyama bowls 
Takekaze backwards fast, 
little battle had 

Takekaze’s aging face 
flattened further with palm thrusts 

sumo’s high drama 
has all the fixings with one 
day left to decide 

Takekaze continues 
as sumo’s elder statesman 

politics appears 
anywhere money’s involved, 
anywhere on Earth 

thus Aoiyama’s challenge 
been well-crafted, discreetly 

(full match, courtesy of Jason's sumo channel)

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