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Saturday, July 22

Nagoya Basho 2017 Honour Tanka Day 9: CHIYOMARU (5-4)

("awesome Chiyomaru survival") 

the illogical 
counter-intuitive grace 
of sumo fat fuck 

Chiyomaru does nothing 
more than hit ring’s edge, then move 

Shohozan even 
slaps standstill Chiyomaru 
at one stalled second 

Chiyomaru does not flinch, 
maintains moment’s position 

eager Shohozan 
unable to finish him, 
Chiyomaru moves 

Shohozan chases, feeling 
his momentum in control 

Chiyomaru moves, 
nothing more, balancing at 
dohyo’s farthest edge 

moving to his left with deft 
steps toeing the dohyo’s edge 

Shohozan leans in, 
chasing harder - the mistake 
that brings about end 

Chiyomaru - still balanced - 
pushes Shohozan’s lean down 

Shohozan tastes sand, 
and despite dominating, 
gets no envelopes 

Chiyomaru standing as 
expressionless as ever 

what looks like little 
effort a strange mastery 
of balance and feel 

illogically, rotund 
man possessing immense grace 

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