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Sunday, July 23

Nagoya Basho 2017 Honour Tanka Day 11: NISHIKIGI (6-5)

(Aoiyama's championship hopes tumble)

juryo demotion 
becomes extended remix 
to oblivion 

reaching makuuchi (top 
level) defining moment 

but maintaining good 
win-loss record the only 
key to survival 

very simply, one will drop 
or rise by wins and losses 

thus, Nishikigi’s 
rise to makuuchi was 
challenged recently 

three losing bashos in a 
row saw him get demoted 

at Natsu Basho 
in May, back in juryo, he 
had to start over 

he ended up champion 
at juryo level in May 

thus, Nishikigi’s 
back in makuuchi as 
low maegashira 

this means wins-losses very 
important to maintain status 

Nishikigi came 
out strong, won five of first six, 
then started struggling 

day eleven, he 
was even five-and-five, to 
face Aoiyama 

the big Bulgarian sat 
one bout behind Hakuho 

having easily 
his best basho ever, stepped 
in Aoiyama 

as low-rank maegashira 
Nishikigi needs more wins 

makekoshi might 
mean another demotion 
back down to juryo 

how many months spent struggling 
to get back up? no one knows 

some get demoted 
and spend years attempting to 
regain top status 

some never get back, not just 
old rikishi, young ones too 

a very simple 
merit-based formula 
can be hard to crack 

today, Aoiyama seems 
poised to maintain his force 

Nishikigi’s heels 
being tested, resisting 
Aoiyama’s girth 

it looks to be another 
Aoiyama victory 

a loss meant trending 
towards makekoshi for 
poor Nishikigi 

a loss meant demotion might 
appear on the horizon 

the last five days could 
unravel into succession 
of failure demons 

five wins, ten losses would man 
definite return below 

that destiny teased 
itself as reality 
at dohyo’s far edge 

inches between failure and 
survivor’s perseverance 

Nishikigi’s heels
pivoted, Aoiyama 
chasing afterwards 

for first time, Aoiyama 
seems not in control of girth 

Nishikigi pushed 
big Aoiyama down, both 
men falling closely 

Nishikigi is declared 
winner, surviving the day 

each bout becoming 
microscopic fault line 
in his destiny 

metaphysical maintenance 
of position in sumo 

(the full match, should you care)

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