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Tuesday, July 18

Nagoya Basho 2017 Honour Tanka Day 6: MITAKEUMI (4-2)

(I guess I've established captions here as process) 

day six Nagoya 
was epic day of sumo - 
great bouts abounded 

number of rikishi got 
first win ever against foes 

withdrew (as was expected) 
due to injury 

perhaps I speculate too 
much, but shifts are happening 

top yokozuna 
are aging, and there’s slew of 
youngsters on the rise 

Mitakeumi came in 
sekiwake for first time 

day six saw my man 
matched against Yoshikaze
who’s been tough of late 

ahh… Yung Mitakeumi 
who hath sumo swagger strength 

whose gentle baby-faced smile 
has not yet hardened 

think of Harumafuji 
or Hakuho’s face like this 

both grizzled Mongols 
display faces lacking in 
tender emotion 

the baby has been beaten 
out of them over the years 

has endured sumo process, 
slowly climbed the scroll 

yet somehow he still appears 
to be child-like in spirit 

this is no diss (though 
likely would be read as such 
by hardcore sums) 

Mitakeumi batter 
rams head first to begin bout 

his missile misses 
direct hit; Yoshikaze 
attempts to toss him 

Mitakeumi maintains 
footed grip, and attacks more 

in three previous 
meetings, Mitakeumi 
has never beat him 

are these men notorious 
dorks, knowing these types of things? 

do their servants have 
notebooks with records on-hand, 
secrets tips from past? 

is this Japanese past-time 
on par with baseball’s nerd shit? 

it doesn’t matter - 
this day Mitakeumi 
said “fuck all that’s passed!” 

Yoshikaze’s basho has 
been strong; today wasn’t his 

after spirited 
shoving, they end up at ring’s 
edge - nowhere to go 

Yoshikaze’s back controlled, 
two thick arms cobra clutching 

all energy stops 
momentarily - one man 
takes simple step back 

Mitakeumi crouches 
in proud victorious stance 

never ranked higher, 
and yet performing so well - 
young star being made 

perhaps a changing of guard 
is taking place; perhaps not 

sumo officials 
would certainly welcome more 
Japanese at top 

Yung Mitakeumi seems 
positive about his path 

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