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Wednesday, July 12

Nagoya Basho 2017 Honour Tanka Day 4: HAKUHO (4-0)

(Hakuho is like "what up, b?")

my sumo poem 
method is to let basho 
build to climax 

I try to save the stars for 
later in basho - build-up 

this means working through 
the lower ranks early on, 
then up final week 

one poem per basho per 
rikishi - my only rule 

but let’s be real here - 
one cannot overlook day 
four Hakuho bout 

there are four yokozuna, 
but only one Hakuho 

Kakuryu has 
already gone fusen, and 
two others might still 

Kisenosato’s torn pec 
is obvious many days 

is not his usual mad 
dominant Mongol 

but Hakuho remains next 
level - beyond most men’s reach 

is top maegashira - young 
rising sumo star 

only four bashos into 
makuuchi, poised to star 

a decade less years 
of sumo wear and tear to 
attack Hakuho 

and yet the youngster’s no match 
for the aged yokozuna 

Hakuho play slaps 
and literally stands up, 
begging for more fight 

Hakuho lacks real challenge 
as sumo’s greatest ever 

by Nagoya’s end 
Hakuho may set record 
for most career wins 

already Hakuho’s won 
more championships than all 

but the young rising 
rikishi should challenge him… 
right? at least a bit? 

day four Nagoya - nothing 
a young sumo got toyed with 

Hakuho standing 
there, begging for a challenge - 
this was derided 

Hakuho has been begging 
for a challenge for years though 

broken, but they won’t give him 
chance to get healthy 

parading the Japanese 
yokozuna for sponsors 

Hakuho rests on 
another level, beyond 
the reach of others 

he wrestles not against men 
but history at this point 

century from now, 
yokozuna will hope to 
equal Hakuho 

they will be lucky to find 
their name listed as second 

(bonus gif for Russ)

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