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Sunday, July 23

Nagoya Basho 2017 Honour Tanka Day 12: TAMAWASHI (6-6)

(Tamawashi slapped around)

someone has to get 
slapped around by Hakuho 
in all-time wins quest 

day twelve - Tamawashi’s turn 
to feel Hakuho’s anger 

vicious palm slaps in 
abundance - Tamawashi’s 
jowls rattle from strikes 

Hakuho hoping to set 
all-time record speedily 

Tamawashi has 
little chance to fight back with 
any real power 

beaten into submission 
by greatest sumo ever 

except there is no 
submission in sumo, so 
Hakuho stalks in 

Tamawashi stunned along 
edge, quickly pushed out-of-bounds 

there is no shame in 
losing to metaphysic 
Hakuho steamroll 

Tamawashi’s no coward, 
cowered not at Hakuho 

little can be done 
to stop what is happening, 
what Hakuho does 

Tamawashi did what he 
could against history’s march 

(the full bout below)

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