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Wednesday, July 26

freestyle sonnet #091: DROWNING IN NORMALCY

Drowning in normalcy, surrounded by dadbods 
and soccer moms rocking one-pieces, minivans 
retaining resale value, sad lack of dirtgods 
and Earth bitches; life switches quick from wild-wayed plans, 

find yourself choking on responsibility, 
too much indoors life congealing inside stalled heart, 
psychic walls planting patents of futility, 
putting doom inside your dome; no escape through art 

after while since dopamine receptors too taxed; 
try to do right but wrong feels better, makes more sense 
(even if it ain’t common), manufactured waxed 
and waned drama implanted in brain; chain link fence 

enforcing the grid - locked, loaded, too much to unpack, 
got lost deeper in lying ass labyrinth’s track. 

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