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Monday, July 31

freestyle sonnet #092: SHIP OF FOOLS CHARTING A DISCOURSE TO ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

(how many ship of fools woodcuts would a woodcut cut if a woodcut could cut wood {& had read a lot of Kaczynski}?)

All words meaningless, pointless, unnecessary 
as artificial intelligence poisoned well 
meaning minds, Pavlov's bell meme-ing minds feel very 
confident in their content - scrolling people swell 

with manufactured buzzwords and concepts until 
they regurgitate nutritionless info like 
pre-programmed egg (perhaps so) hoping to instill 
uniform unicode universe third eye reich. 

Buzzbots swarming... buzzbots swarming... speaking in tongues 
sensibles can't understand, denying raw power 
of fire, pretending progressive air fills their lungs 
(right and left), steady building digital tower 

of babble, dysfunctional discourse multiplied 
googol times by timelines refreshed (real shit denied). 

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