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Tuesday, July 18

Nagoya Basho 2017 Honour Tanka Day 5: GOEIDO (3-2)

(Shodai pancaked)

ozeki had rough 
start this Nagoya basho, 
but been coming back 

(don’t speak Japanese - clueless 
on “Goeido” syllables) 

(gonna go with three, 
because fuck it, no one reads 
these things anyways) 

late in day five when people 
was waiting for superstars 

sitting beside ring, big boys 
about to sumo 

last ozeki bout brings sad 
Shodai and strange Goeido 

Goeido’s mostly 
slipped beneath my sumo 
fascination gaze 

yet there he is - ozeki 
class, so obviously good 

he blasts Shodai from 
jump, but Shodai refuses 
last step with spirit 

a great fucking bout breaks out, 
Goeido stays in control 

after good tussling, 
a gentle pause for polite 
applause from sweet crowd 

fighting spirit manifests 
in ways other than just wins 

finally Shodai 
is pancaked into a loss, 
Goeido on top 

but they drew energy from 
those idle in attendance 

wins and losses in 
long run (of life) don’t mean shit, 

did you have fucking spirit? 
or did you waste away time? 

(full match if you'd like to watch - from Jason's Sumo Channel)

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