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Sunday, July 23

Nagoya Basho 2017 Honour Tanka Day 10: TAKAYASU (8-2)

(Ura revving up but not enough)

Takayasu lost 
first bout of his first basho 
as an ozeki 

after initial slip, he 
settled into pure power 

day 10 saw Ura, 
young raw power punk himself, 
facing off in clash 

Takayasu gives no fucks 
about Ura’s rising star 

their bout is Ura 
attacking like little dog 
on sumo totem 

Takayasu smacks him back 
(one time literally so) 

they lock up early 
on, Ura fighting to gain 
piece of advantage 

big dog Takayasu stands 
almost as if fighting child 

he has armlock on 
young Ura, but cannot end 
the bout this quickly 

Ura’s stubborn heart serves him 
well against Takayasu 

cartoonish Ura 
revs back, tornado spinning 
his legs to charge in 

the young punk slide whistles in; 
Takayasu stops the charge 

Ura bounces off, 
and the two stand in deep stare 
for long half second 

the next lock-up is the last, 
as Takayasu is tired 

Ura goes for one 
behemoth Takayasu 
leg, exposing neck 

Takayasu is quick to 
seize the opportunity 

he grabs Ura’s head, 
twists it back and forth until 
flipping Ura down 

the young punk has been humbled; 
new ozeki proven true 

Takayasu’s star’s 
already risen; he’ll fend 
off more newer stars 

up-and-down of sumo rank 
requires constant diligence 

(the full match if you care)

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