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Sunday, July 9

Nagoya Basho 2017 Honour Tanka Day 1: YOSHIKAZE (1-0)

when banzuke scroll 
unfurls, mid-makuuchi 
is poised for struggle 

high maegashira (plus the 
sanyaku ranks) face the top 

this means thrown in to 
freshly-ranked ozeki and 
aged yokozuna 

and yet opening 
day of Nagoya Basho 
saw ozeki fall 

all three, in fact, suffered loss 
to lower maegashira 

Tochinoshin, with 
his eternal bandaged knee 
fought off ozeki 

and noble Takayasu 
lost first bout as ozeki 

but in next-to-last 
bout of day, Yoshikaze 
had today’s moment 

that grizzled yokozuna 
Harumafuji waited 

Harumafuji appears 
somewhat mean of spirits most 
of the time (it seems) 

not easily kinboshi’d, 
but quickly put on back heels 

the yokozuna’s 
balance is impeccable - 
resist on one foot 

Yoshikaze does not quit, 
locking in spinning embrace 

attempts to lock uplifted 
leg, to no avail 

Yoshikaze attempts to 
throw him off balance… no luck 

they reach the ring’s edge, 
and even then it appears 
either man could win 

perhaps Harumafuji 
would spin Yoshikaze out 

but Yoshikaze 
roots himself just long enough, 
wide feet gripping sand 

Harumafuji on edge, 
nowhere left to spin, steps out 

on opening day, 
Yoshikaze scores bonus 
pay for kinboshi 

opening day - ozeki 
and yokozuna lose big 

seven bouts, they win 
only two, the lower ranks 
hungry to move up 

Yoshikaze, however, 
got biggest gold star of all 

just opening day - 
there’s two full weeks left for this 
Nagoya Basho 

but Yoshikaze came out 
the gates strong as fuck (for now) 

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