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Friday, July 16

Nagoya Basho 2021 Honour Tanka Day Nine: URA (5-4)

Ura's a crowd favorite, 
being native-born 

four years ago, he had reached 
his highest ranking ever 

shooting through lower 
ranks, making makuuchi, 
and performing well 

got his first kinboshi star 
at Nagoya four years back 

day nine and ten proved 
to be defining moments 
for Ura's career 

beating Harumafuji
a yokozuna - day nine 

earning that first gold 
star honor for win over 
a yokozuna 

it seemed Ura has arrived, 
ready for big-time sumo 

day ten (still four years 
ago), Takayasu was 
his planned opponent 

near the lead, looking to be 
challenger for the title 

that day ten bout though 
changed trajectory, tearing 
his knee ligaments 

multiple surgeries and 
extended lay-offs for years 

multiple downward 
demotions, dropping levels 
each basho he missed

he dropped back down the sumo 
pyramid, near the bottom 

finally returned 
nine touraments ago, and 
has dominated 

won jonidan, sandanme, 
and then juryo this past May 

this basho has been 
Ura's triumphant return 
to the top level 

both knees heavily bandaged, 
showing the scars of his path 

fifteen bouts means that 
winning or losing records 
will always happen 

there is no status quo to 
hide behind within sumo 

kachikoshi hopes 
of winning record carry 
Ura on wrapped knees 

Takarafuji has him 
pushed back, about to go down 

Ura's record would 
tip to the negative with 
a day nine defeat 

even on worse-for-wear knees, 
Ura spin steps left, smoothly 

momentum loses balance, 
falling out face first 

Ura bounces on those knees, 
absorbing more and more shock 

it's doubtful Ura 
will ever win a basho, 
or be ozeki 

but his fighting spirit should 
never be questioned; it's strong 

his fighting spirit's 
obvious any time he 
climbs into dohyo 

those heavily bandaged knees 
are sacrifice to sumo 

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