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Tuesday, July 6

Nagoya Basho 2021 Honour Tanka Day One: HOKUTOFUJI (1-0)

sumo's been lacking 
multiple yokozuna, 
healthy and fighting 

Kakuryu's retirement 
this past spring left only one 

just a few years back, 
we had four yokozuna 
on top banzuke 

now just Hakuho remains - 
the greatest sumo ever 

fourth basho of year 
sees larger crowds, and a chase 
for yokozuna 

Terunofuji - with strong 
showing - may gain promotion 

however, on this 
first day, sumo career is 
shown through metaphor 

Hokutofuji opens 
with Wakatakakage 

lower ranked - is gripped by his 
throat, and tossed about 

never on the offensive, 
he struggles to stay upright 

similarly, in 
recent years as bigger names 
retire, new stars rise 

maintaining position on 
the banzuke scroll, upright 

as other names get 
crossed off, stubborn sumos 
move higher up list 

the best offense at times is 
to simply remain standing 

after many near 
oustings, Hokutofuji 
finds himself a chance 

Wakatakakage's off 
balance at the edge of ring 

gently encourages the 
big foe's body down 

despite being manhandled, 
Hokutofuji still wins 

simple survival 
as offensive method for 
sumo advancement 

keeping your name written, and 
moving up as others fall 


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