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Thursday, July 8

Nagoya Basho 2021 Honour Tanka Day Four: TAMAWASHI (4-0)

day four bout between 
two undefeated upstarts, 
hoping to keep pace 

remaining undefeated 
helps maintain one's relevance 

and Hakuho dominate 
the sumo discourse 

sumo fandom is hoping 
for those two's epic showdown 

but other's will stay 
in the mix, on day-to-day 
basis, winning bouts 

Tamawashi is wily 
vet, with decade under belt 

looked to have the advantage, 
pushing his foe back 

Tamawashi regained his 
footing, started to push back 

as he momentum 
was gained, Kotonowaka 
resisted with weight 

Tamawashi stepped right, and 
helped guide his foe to defeat 

thus, after four days, 
three men were undefeated 
at top of the board 

two sumo superstars, and 
scrappy assed Tamawashi 

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