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Thursday, July 8


Boogie Brown put together this Appalachian Sci-fi project a while back, and it remains one of my favorite things to have come out this year. He says on the bandcamp page that he loves and respects Americana type shit, but that’s not what Appalachia sounds like to him no more. Americana music has gotten weird, to where it’s clever quirky folks who have questionable at best connection to that true country life, who play old-timey music on old-timey instruments but with expensive tattoos and ironic mustaches and shit. I don’t know, I will never trust a dude with a cop mustache, ever, even if ironic. There’s nothing ironic about the police state, especially in places like Appalachia. That’s why I don’t like Sturgill Simpson, because he’s the son of an Appalachian narcotics officer, and has grown into an old-timey musician with a cop mustache. How’m I’m supposed to trust that shit? Fuck that, it’s music for hipster breakfast spots, not country folk.
Anyways, I digress, because the point is this whole Appalachian Sci-fi project is dope as fuck, and Boogie Brown is one of my oldest and dearest creative co-conspirators, but I also think he’s a musical genius. I don’t even think I can begin to understand how he processes the world creatively, so I’m thankful for these little pieces I do get to enjoy.

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