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Thursday, July 15

Nagoya Basho 2021 Honour Tanka Day Seven: TOBIZARU (3-4)

Tobizaru, one 
of the smallest rikishi 
in both height and weight 

a year in makuuchi, 
depending on them henkas 

his first time facing 
greatest ever - Hakuho... 
and what a strange bout 

multiple matta as the 
smaller man starts out anxious 

once they engage, to 
his credit, Tobizaru 
keeps himself upright 

then a stand-off - Hakuho 
the cat stalking this small mouse 

Tobizaru stands, 
hands prepared for more grabbing, 
teasing an attack 

but nothing... bizarre moment 
of both rikishi standing 

staring each other 
down - Hakuho picking his 
moment to attack 

Tobizaru just trying 
to survive versus master 

to beat a current 
yokozuna means bonus - 
gold star kinboshi 

comes with financial reward 
as well for lower-ranked man 

was Tobizaru 
dreaming of stealing a win 
from all-time greatest? 

a second time they stand off, 
staring, waiting, sizing up 

let's be honest here - 
Tobizaru is doomed, so 
to confound was win 

for him to cause Hakuho 
this much effort was success 

but finally, the 
all-time greatest hip tosses 
the small rikishi 

Tobizaru loses, in 
his first bout with Hakuho 

but make no mistake, 
Tobizaru impressed with 
his lack of seen fear 

he stood in there with greatest, 
and wiled his way to long bout 

only a single 
year at the top-level, he 
still finding his way 

may never be a star, but 
wile and confidence goes far 

Tobizaru stood 
in there with a true legend 
whose shadow dwarfed him 

and yet Tobizaru gave 
Hakuho far more than most 

[the full match]

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