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Tuesday, July 6

Nagoya Basho 2021 Honour Tanka Day Two: CHIYOSHOMA (2-0)

meta kinetics 
of enormous men well-trained 
in balanced technique 

centers of gravity so 
low the earth sags beneath them 

such tussles as this, 
seen in slow motion climax 
where human girth flows 

Chiyoshoma tosses our 
hapless Bulgarian friend 

Mongolian son 
of that nation's wrestling rank 
like yokozuna 

Chiyoshoma's father took 
him to wrestling and judo 

after meeting a 
yokozuna on tour, 
he moved to Japan 

studied sumo for single year 
in high school, then joined stable 

bouncing between the 
top two ranks, Chiyoshoma 
has not settled in 

but other than injury, 
kachi-koshi for twelve months 

he'll likely never 
be yokozuna, but still 
seeks highest ranking 

five spots away, and starting 
strong in this current basho 

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