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Friday, July 30

L1F3 G4V3 M3 4 H4RD SCR4BBL3...

life gave me a hard scrabble 
philosophy; dad always 
said, “boy, we are survivors” 

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Anonymous said...

I know you. You used to live on Hardtimes Road in Southside Virginia, in a trailer. I knew Charlie Tuna too. He knew I was a survivor as well. He never told me as much, but I got it. He did self-tattoo my name on his arm.
Every sunrise is one more night of surviving, one more day of challenge. As if challenge stops when sun goes down. But Friday/Saturday night, time to survive the party. Challenging, but fun. Don't do meth. Especially with Charlie Tuna, who invited me over for dinner one night, then we did meth and nobody felt like eating the Swedish meatballs he made, still warm in the crockpot, all night.