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Sunday, July 25

SONG OF THE DAY: Oregano Flow (chopped and screwed)

I begun a project called Screw Scholarship at my patreon the past couple days, where I'm gonna go through like the first 250 chapters of released DJ Screw tapes. Why? Because fuck it. Why not here instead? Because I don't know, the internet is weird now. I mean, you can get access to my patreon for as low as $1 a month, and I've been posting there nearly daily for the past few months. At higher levels you get other benefits too, and it seems to me my ridiculous world-building shit is worth support. It's really hard to explain exactly what I do as an artist, much less how I use patreon for those purposes. But what I do is unique, and soulful, and worth getting fucking supported. Anyways, this is a random mention of my patreon on my public blog, although mostly that means my sister will read it, and then feel like she has to join my patreon. MICHELLE! YOU DON'T HAVE TO JOIN MY PATREON!

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