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Friday, July 16

Nagoya Basho 2021 Honour Tanka Day Eight: ISHIURA (5-3)

lil Ishiura
the green Lamborghini mack, 
relies on his speed 

often counting on first side 
step to tumble opponents 

when henka doesn't 
give him the quick victory, 
it becomes harder 

Ishiura is tiny 
next to most sumo wrestlers 

but he's been on hot 
streak at Nagoya basho, 
here facing Ura 

Ura was once promising 
star, who suffered injuries 

Ishiura and 
Ura struggle for hand grips, 
feeling each other 

Ishirua slaps Ura 
and then powers him out ring 

lil Ishiura
whose chankonabe bowl needs 
refilling (no diss) 

he still possesses power 
that would topple you or I 

he's a favorite, 
so seeing him do well this 
basho makes me glad 

makuuchi without this 
scrappy dude just ain't the same 

[the full match]

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