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Wednesday, July 14

Nagoya Basho 2021 Honour Tanka Day Five: TAKAYASU (2-1-2)

chasing ozeki 
rank, injured Takayasu 
missed the first two days 

needing thirteen wins to get 
that promotion, he came back 

days three and four, we 
saw flash of Takayasu's 
full strength dominance 

at his best, he's one of the 
best in all sumo wrestling 

Takayasu's face 
always perfectly stoic, 
before and after 

Takayasu's chest hair sends 
strong masculine energy 

a multitude of 
injuries has held the big 
man back recently 

day five, facing Meisei, he 
needed yet another win 

dreams of ozeki 
return, fighting through the pain, 
chasing sumo dreams 

Meisei's able to resist 
that first Takayasu surge 

initial impacts 
in Takayasu bouts are 
a thing of beauty 

shoulder thrusts jostling his foes 
into off-balance footings 

Takayasu tries 
to gain advantage, grabbing, 
and misses with hand 

body shifting downward just 
so, Meisei seizes his chance 

quick encouragement 
down, and Takayasu falls - 
first official loss 

no ozeki promotion, 
but you can't deny his strength 

if Takayasu 
stays healthy, he'll be a great 
litmus for the stars 

this basho remains about 
the two men at top of scroll 

and Hakuho facing a 
strong Takayasu

these would be good tests for both; 
hope for Takayasu's health 


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