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Wednesday, July 7

SONG OF THE DAY: Gone Away Again

The other day I was so mad and frustrated with this idiotic world, I was driving full speed across the salt flats at the edge of the flat Earth, hell bent on just shooting over the edge and plummeting to my death. But then this song came on the randomizer stereo, and it was like a soothing salve for my soul. I hit the brakes hard, fishtailing to within 69 inches of my own doom, cranked it up with all the windows open, and sat at the edge of the Earth with my feet dangling over the side into space, just kicking them back and forth like a happy ass naïve and oblivious child. Life was good again, and worth continuing to trudge along with lightness in my step, until somebody tricks me into pushing stones uphill again, like always. Fucking world.

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