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Wednesday, July 14

Nagoya Basho 2021 Honour Tanka Day Six: KOTONOWAKA (5-1)

been makuuchi 
(or top level) sumo for 
just over a year 

this is his seventh basho 
at makuuchi level 

he's only had a 
winning record twice in those 
previous six times 

but he's begun this basho 
with a pretty strong showing 

Tokoshoryu seems 
to have this one won with an 
initial advance 

Kotonowaka is backed 
to roped edge of dohyo's ring 

ahh yes... casual 
ballet-like tiptoes by these 
sumo behemoths 

Kotonowaka side steps 
and Tokoshoryu tumbles 

a bout seemingly 
lost from jump, with victory 
salvaged at the end 

finding balance in moments 
where none would be encouraged 

sometimes that seems to 
me the biggest lesson of 
sumo indulgence 

in this heavy assed world which 
crushes spirit, find balance 

the earth is not flat, 
but that edge to fall over 
shows itself daily 

trying to find balance, as 
unseen shit pushes on you 

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