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Monday, July 19

Nagoya Basho 2021 Honour Tanka Day Eleven: HOSHORYU (8-3)

Shodai the second 
ozeki unseen behind 

third-highest ranked rikishi, 
going against Hoshoryu 

another Mongol, 
plus second generation 
sumo combatant 

his uncle was first Mongol 
to attain yokozuna 

Asashoryu's a 
legend second only to 
the great Hakuho 

Hoshoryu's uncle once 
won a year's worth of bashos 

but sumo hated 
a Mongol yokozuna... 
besmirching honor 

a decade later, sumo 
still doesn't love a Mongol 

but Mongolian 
sumo wrestlers dominate 
the sport's top level 

Hoshoryu began training 
as pre-teen, half his life back 

his uncle was still 
a yokozuna, active; 
Hoshoryu learned quick 

this basho completed his 
first year at makuuchi 

to be so young, yet 
show no fear against men like 
ozeki Shodai 

Shodai bullies, Horshoryu 
remained resolute, balanced 

Shodai helped himself 
to handful of mawashi, 
readying for toss 

Hoshoryu calmly returned 
favor with countering grasp 

Shodai's hip toss was 
met with resistance, so he 
stepped to his own right 

Hoshoryu smartly followed, 
but moved his right leg quickly 

one step ahead of 
Shodai, despite following 
the ozeki's lead 

Shodai tumbled to the sand... 
Hoshoryu's biggest win yet 

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