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Friday, July 9

SONG OF THE DAY: La Pelusa (rebajada)

My state has "DMV Select" locations, in like grocery stores and shit like that. Because of covid, the actual DMV only makes online appointments, months out, and I just got an old ass truck so needed to get tags and title, so took my chances at the DMV Select over by where I used to live, at the old school grocery store with the best fried chicken anywhere. They got a system where you can't park in front of the store, go in and get a number from the checkout lady - handwritten numbers up to 80, I got there ten minutes after the DMV opened and got 25. Went back to my car, and sat, talking shit with the dude next to me who got a bike and was getting tags for that. They had a whiteboard out front they wrote the next number on and the kid who bagged groceries would yell a few out. Me and dude next to me laughed it up about how stupid cops were, how you shouldn't ever snitch, just because weed's legal doesn't mean you can smoke it in the car and cops still gonna be fucking people up left and right because the police are the police. "Always acting like they your friend," he says. "I know, if they're my friend, why the fuck we in that room talking?" I go. "I KNOW!" he exclaims.
Anyways, he got his shit done, and then I went up and the sign said 24 so I sat in the chair that was there, and some maskless truck driver white dude comes up (other guy was black from before), and I realized I forgot my mask, but didn't want to go back to the car, I'm vaccinated, fuck it. People are walking in the store with masks and ol' discbeard with his ear piece cell phone goes, "I hate seeing all these dumbasses with their masks, like robots. If I fart, do you smell it? It's airborne, dumbasses." I just sat there thinking about going back to get my purple one out the car and put it on, but then the kid came out and yelled 25 so I went in, got my tags, title, and some chicken thighs too. Can't resist them E.W. Thomas chicken thighs.
The whole scene, other than trucker dude, tripped me out. One low rider Acura Integra with BLACK BETTY vinyl cursive letters on front windshield, Latino working dude in giant truck who showed up almost two hours after me but still just got 37, folks yelling at each other because they knew each other. Shit, I knew one of the women behind the deli counter because she's giant and used to work at the country store by my old house, and also was a nurse when I got hospitalized with a surgical infection one time a few years back. Small but diverse and hardscrabble but stylish country life along the edges of America's old highways. How come I don't see this shit in popular media? Because it's fuckin' beautiful, so long as you can avoid the dumbass racists.

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