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Wednesday, July 7

Nagoya Basho 2021 Honour Tanka Day Three: MITAKEUMI (2-1)

had high expectations when 
he entered sumo 

collegiate champion, 
fast-tracked his way to juryo 

five tournaments in 
to professional career, 
he made the big stage 

this is his tenth tournament 
at sekiwake ranking 

each time before, an 
injury halted further 
growth up pyramid 

this fifth sekiwake stint 
begins with high hopes (again) 

hoping to traverse 
to next level finally, 
become ozeki 

it won't happen this month; it 
takes multiple tournaments 

day three, he battled 
Hokutofuji, who was 
unbeaten thus far 

Hokutofuji had our 
hero at brink of defeat 

powered back, pushing his foe 
across whole dohyo 

Hokutofuji did not 
relent, third tussle ensued 

again at dohyo's 
edge, Hokutofuji's feet 
fighting for balance 

Mitakeumi gives one 
final thrust forwards - both fall 

heel hitting outside the ring 
before both men crash 

our young hero showing his 
potential fighting spirit 

even as larger 
personas dominate main 
events, tales unfold 

Mitakeumi's chase for 
beyond sekiwake rank 

fifteen times his name's 
been written on banzuke 
scroll, in that third tier 

never has he transcended 
one row up to ozeki 

the scroll weighs heavy 
the larger your name's written, 
the further up top 

good luck Mitakeumi... 
may your potential be reached 

[the full match]

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