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Monday, January 29

JJ Krupert Jan 2018 number ten "el regreso del chapo"

Chapo about to go to trial & I can’t say I glamorize him like some folks do
bc post-modern Robin Hoods built off drug sales
carry a lot of collateral damage
(which ain’t even collateral tbh)
but I do appreciate
narco-inspired t-shirts from the flea market
a sign of not gentrified just yet is the flea market
if it’s a real live flea market
with cayenne mango & a machete man stand
& bootleg futbol jerseys
(a thousand shades of Barcelona)

plz don’t have a pretend flea market
in the gentrified art part & pretend
it is like ppl surviving the struggle
just admit your pretend flea market
is struggle cosplay
the affluent acting as if money is a concern
& that their enabled art is some sort of hustle
I am offended by the glamorization
of tinkersmith makerspacing legitimized
(& generally funded or at least safety netted) artz
more than Robin Hood drug lord myths

I am offended by inequality
so I guess ppl who come from the wrong end of the pyramid
and gold-plated el cuerno de chivo gun their way to the top
do make me happy inside (just a little)
but I’d rather the whole fuckin’ thing

fall apart

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