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Sunday, January 28

Hatsu Basho 2018 Honour Tanka Day 14: TAKAYASU (11-3)

[Takayasu ends Kakuryu's pride] 

by rule only one 
tanka per rikishi per 
basho… that’s the rule 

but if ever I was to 
rethink this, it was today 

Tochinoshin’s run 
through New Year’s basho has been 
an absolute joy 

multiple bouts he’s had to 
stay intensely persistent 

against Shohozan, 
he looked understandably 
nervous going in 

never champion, runner-up 
three times over his career 

this bout gave drama… 
Shohozan appeared to have 
early advantage 

Tochinoshin not able 
get belt to overpower 

Shohozan had him 
pushed backwards at edge briefly; 
the Georgian stayed put 

Tochinoshin recovered, 
and attained his destiny 

Shohozan out the 
ring, Tochinoshin showered 
with cheers from the crowd 

at night’s end, the main event 
saw Kakuryu showcase 

the yokozuna 
did not give up, facing off 
thick Takayasu 

ozeki Takayasu, 
quietly still dominant 

Kakuryu held 
center dohyo, hoping to 
maintain his aura 

then almost as if possessed, 
Takayasu exploded 

our yokozuna - 
the last one remaining, was 
left in lump ringside 

Takayasu stood tall (while 
Tochinoshin stood taller) 

[Tochinoshin's victory to seal his title] 

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