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Sunday, January 14

Hatsu Basho 2018 Honour Tanka Day 1: TAKAKEISHO (1-0)

[the beautiful girthsome ballet of sumo finishes] 

young sumo does well 
now komusubi, thrown to 
yokozuna wolves 

Takakeisho denies bound 
doom verse Kisenosato 

sometimes thrown to wolves 
causes young buck to buck back… 
first day extra pay 

classic forceful sumo at 
dohyo’s edge (as usual) 

weak ass judge gave win 
to Kisenosato - blind 
ass old silk-robed bitch 

decision reversed, the young 
Takakeisho begins strong 

(note to self: begin 
practicing pushing metal 
barrels around yard) 

(fill with cinderblock chunks, call 
it rusted yokozuna) 

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