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Thursday, January 25

JJ Krupert Jan 2018 number eight "pride"

I got no pride left, fuck off as much as I can because fucking off makes the HARD PAUSE of regular life not feel so hard. Fucking Off > Hard Pause but neither is truly living. Should be getting swoke (woke+swole) doing 69 lb kettle bell swings buck naked in a creek in the woods, stacking the quartz that got pushed up by frozen earth into new formations of cryptic currents see, settling into full-on Futura Kaczynski mode. Raven of 1000 aliases morphed into Raven of a thousand feathers, and each feather is a part of the whole, to help circumnavigate this existence. Futura Kaczynski mode is about a hopeful future closer to primordial origins. There’s no pride in that – pride is a vanity which confuses the heart and causes many of us to get caught up in consumerism and the devil identity politics woven deeply into capital’s copper tendrils choking the fuck out of all us. If you’ve ever seen the Lower Depths by Kurosawa, there’s a part where all the flophouse drunks are gambling and singing some insane song, and the insane actors from 1950s Japan playing the insane characters are doing some insane things all at once, except nothing insane about it at all… made perfect aural sense. That’s Futura Kaczynski style.

Of course this post ends up having nothing to do with Kendrick Lamar. That’s original Raven style – never write about what you’re writing about. Damn.

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