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Tuesday, January 2

twitter renga #1217

(twitter is my preferred antisocial media @rojonekku)

newness, never nothing old...
"can't miss" got me lost

late capitalism life - 
filling psyche with trinkets

trinkets overflow
into "underwater" tomb
chock full of clutter

sort through the useless piles when
not wasting away at work

a life insured to
barely cover debt acquired
(if lucky) when done

not all allowed the freedom
to "realize" or "accomplish"

life is fucking work;
the beneficiary's
not gonna be you

to think otherwise would be
to give yourself false promise

feed me opioids
plz; upward mobility
has entirely failed

allow me the freedom to
embrace this downward spiral

human rootlessness
dangerous psychology
to have in winter

dark environs external
dark environs internal

Gods of Dirt survive...
praying at mycelium
mosques, head bowed to Earth

from shit, fresh events blossom...
this is Universal Law

overdosing on
reality - thinking too
much will cause problems

infinite words won't sort out
tangled mess of existence

can't help but think of
"Institutionalized" - folks
asking Mikey shit

"you'll probably feel a lot
better if..." LEAVE ME ALONE

opposite of left
alone is being immersed
in humanity

I love people, don't feel same
about civilization

flipping of arbitrary
calendar boxes

resolutions to be more
or less better or worster

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