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Thursday, January 18

JJ Krupert Jan 2018 number two "what if no one's watching"

ideally there'd be no ani difranco here
but I am a man ruled by self-processes
and protocols
thus I can't just willy-nilly make this a list
of 13 jpegmafia songs this month

the self-processes and protocols
made ani difranco be on this list
and without these self-processes and protocols
I am just an idiot floundering
without pretend purpose
woven into stupid projects
by maths
and patterns
and habits
and mundane accumulation of depth
to dumb shit done daily

ideally I am not listening
to no fucking ani difranco right now
it's all jpegmafia
but because of self-processes and protocols
you won't know that
until next month

by then
who the fuck knows
what my dumb ass
shall be

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