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Wednesday, January 31

JJ Krupert Jan 2018 number twelve "mercyful fate"

Not sure how I feel about Vinnie Paz/Ill Bill heavy metal themed rap project. Vinnie Paz always occupies this psychic territory for me that I’m like really into it, but also highly skeptical at the same time. So for now, I have been enjoying some of the Heavy Metal Kings library, because I too am a hip hop head with dirtweed metalhead juvenile delinquency roots, but I don’t know man, I just don’t know. I might disavow this shit at any point.
Still though, sick video. Any time King Diamond and hip hop come together I will at least arbitrarily be like “oh okay cool.” We got two cats a while back, one yellow from the shelter, as requested by my fam, but I also got this little all black runt kitten because I was like “damn, ain’t nobody gonna take that fucked up little runt ass black cat with the splotchy hair and shit.” I wanted to name him King Diamond. This was nixed by my household because I am the only former metalhead there. So instead I named him Lounger, and as a kitten he slept on top of LPs in a crate and now he kills all the fuckin’ mice, which is a benefit in an old farmhouse like the one we try to call home. Anyways, he kills so much shit because he’s supposed to be named King Diamond. Also he is a cat. Cats are murderous as fuck.

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