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Tuesday, January 16

Hatsu Basho 2018 Honour Tanka Day 3: ABI (1-2)

[yung Abi swagger] 

young Abi’s debut 
basho started with two days 
of no victory 

that’s to be expected, bitch; 
top level sumo don’t play 

Abi don’t even 
have wikipedia page… 
that’s how young he is 

Abi’s shiko warm-up stomps 
are the best since Crazy Legs 

day three he faced off 
against that wily old fuck 
called Takekaze 

ahh, aging Takekaze 
a Raven Mack favorite 

his face looks smashed flat 
from too many thick-handed slaps, 
yet still he rises 

Abi able to further 
smack the old man further back 

Takekaze’s age 
no match today for the yung 
gun (of this basho) 

so many yung guns… 
sumo remains unmatched sport 

yung Abi the newcomer 
on your first big win 

little time to celebrate… 
makuuchi’s relentless 

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