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Wednesday, January 31

JJ Krupert Jan 2018 number thirteen "bad to the bone"

of course Your Ol’ Droog is the Big Lots Nas for Williamsburg Brooklyn tinkersmith hackerspace *working* class types WITH AUTHENTIC WORKING CLASS ROOTS LIKE A GRANDFATHER WHO OWNED A FARM to be cool with. it pairs well with the Action Bronson Big Lots Ghostface model. [plz note: I don’t diss either of these acts necessarily, as obviously I am listening to Your Ol’ Droog if he shows up here, and it’s hard to really find too much fault with Action Bronson because he seems to just genuinely be enjoying himself, although then again I almost typed it as “AB” which could mean Aryan Brotherhood too so mb this whole slew of clever sort of sounds like rappers is a giant White Supremacist conspiracy to funnel hip hop into a darker direction.] [obviously I just used “darker” in terms of psycho social implications, not skin tone; plz update your stereotypical frame of references accordingly]

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