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Tuesday, January 30

JJ Krupert Jan 2018 number eleven "ringing bells"

You get a lot of light quickly
He sent the air this world gift
They are fed with the offerings of the offerings.
There is no objective decision
You can close the roof
Microscope, exposure to the worm
Learn to eat poisoning
I show you how to spend six
The top of Risin 'Perden can hardly be seen with the naked eye
I live when I live and I go immediately
This is the eastern part of New York, Brooklyn.
Do you want Bang Beat Ass, Glamorous Techniques?
In the middle of the shoulder we spray Swingin spray
Just a moment in Prom Night
We believe in having a dial
We give you the biggest prayer
Each sentence is a timeline that you can define
How to make a hero game and a relative story
'Time Out', with a strong voice, "I'm black and I'm proud"
For "Crack Fucking" for all kinds of suspicions
My Nation - Chapels and Chasin Reports'
For the degree of God
Each MC guarantees that the Steppin is in place.
I wrote a red one in my head
For the blood of all my people
For this reason, the microphones broke too fast.

[verse 1, ran thru google translate, English to Persian, Persian to Turkish, Turkish to Welsh, Welsh to Spanish, Spanish to English]

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