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Tuesday, January 23

Hatsu Basho 2018 Honour Tanka Day 7: TOCHINOSHIN (6-1)

[attempting to get my sumo gif game to sekiwake level]

day seven showdown 
between two undefeated 
streaking rikishi 

yokozuna Kakuryu 
felt like fourth yokozuna 

but with one retired, 
and two injured, Kakuryu 
is sumo's top face 

Tochinoshin lowkey thicc - 
Eastern European stud 

and yet, what makes a 
yokozuna special is 
they possess extra 

top sanyaku, undefeated, 
will come out slapping full force 

top sanyaku, full 
of shaky confidence, will 
attempt clutch control 

top sanyaku, hoping to 
move even higher, will dream 

but yokozuna 
are supposed to possess that 
extra quality 

in this day seven bout, we 
see this play out exactly 

Tochinoshin starts 
without fear, but Georgian slaps 
don't phase Kakuryu 

once they finally clutch, game 
over for Tochinoshin 

yokozunas are 
expected to be level 
above all others 

that's why Harumafuji 
was shamed into retirement 

that's also why poor 
Kisenosato has been 
mentioned as finished 

yokozunas aren't supposed 
to be just another dude 

though undefeated, 
day seven Tochinoshin 
was quickly humbled 

there is no shame in this loss - 
it's how it's supposed to be 

[full match below, for suckas that gotta know]

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