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Sunday, January 28

Hatsu Basho 2018 Honour Tanka Day 13: MITAKEUMI (8-5)

[a gif, built off sumo] 

the sumo basho 
has wound down and I’m still three 
days back - such is life 

at this point, on day thirteen 
two men still could’ve won it 

lone yokozuna 
Kakuryu though, started 
to lose his control 

two losses in a row as 
he stared at Mitakeumi 

Mitakeumi was 
one win from kachikoshi 
as sekiwake 

ahh Mitakeumi… the young gun 
having to adjust his game 

makuuchi is 
not juryo; there are fewer 
weak ass opponents 

against Kakuryu, he 
showed that young atomic burst 

Kakuryu seemed 
stifled by some psychology 
which has hobbled him 

13 and 0 was easy; 
after that, don’t fuckin’ know 

Mitakeumi took 
control straight away, bossing 
his yokozuna 

Kakuryu defeated, 
basho was Tochinoshin’s 

props Mitakeumi - 
you conquered an overlord, 
getting your name up 

with so few yokozuna 
left, young lions are needed

[the full match] 

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