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Tuesday, January 9

JJ Krupert Jan 2018 number one "uncle usi taught me"

inspired by I Self Lord And Master muse that instead of write-up why not sonnet ghazal?

lost in false stream of consciousness, finding my mind
crossed wires cause neuronal hot wire, binding my mind
immersed in woods congress for unwinding my mind
squares built with limited man math, clenching my heart
fares attached to digits to me, wenching my heart
forgotten's how infinite unending my heart
lack of nutritional input, shaking my gut
wack antibiotic bombings, quaking my gut
fact: need to discontinue forsaking my gut
known not by science is location of my soul
shown by innate desire's vocation of my soul
grown through each simple word - notation of my soul
been all art since my birth, wild canvas of this place
fool's museum this earth, filling fully my space

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Anonymous said...

This. is. awesome.