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Wednesday, September 19

Aki Basho 2018 Honour Tanka Day Eleven: TOCHINOSHIN (7-4)

[sometimes Tochinoshin's technique is "fuck you"] 

this basho's third act 
begins with two unbeaten 
yokozuna left 

below that, many stories 
still unfold with fine texture 

one such story has 
been our man Tochinoshin, 
the Bulgarian 

the past year has seen no one 
else be quite as dominant 

our Bulgarian 
hero was makekoshi 
last basho, injured 

with Mitakeumi breathing 
down his neck, he needs eight wins 

bull Tochinoshin's 
(he who lifts ev'rything and 
throws it) been missing 

and facing undefeated 
yokozuna's always tough 

Kakuryu's wiley 
grace as yokozuna has 
been underrated 

I say this as casual 
dude who has overlooked him 

he seemed to be the 
third Mongolian before 
sumo scandals broke 

with Harumafuji gone, 
Kakuryu stood out stronger 

he and Hakuho 
were the lone unbeaten men 
left when day started 

Tochinoshin was fighting 
to keep ozeki status 

he hadn't been straight 
up lifting fools this basho, 
until yesterday 

against yokozuna though? 
surely, he'd become humbled 

nah, fam… the brutal 
beast from Bulgaria was 
full of spirit war 

Kakuryu's master tactics 
meant nothing lifted off ground 

he literally 
got carried the fuck away 
by Tochinoshin 

our Bulgarian hero 
one win away from safety 

"Tochi" shikona 
remains most honorable - 
three yokozunas 

Tochinoshin continues 
their tradition, with brute strength 

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